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Put Your Money Where Your Muzzle Is

In 2013, I'll be doing something I've never done before: going to a furry convention.

It's something I've never done before for a number of reasons. The cost, the time off work (my Annual Leave mostly gets eaten up by motorcycle trips), the daunting prospect of spending three solid days immersed in a fandom which can be...intense, to put it mildly. Mostly the cost part; the iPad Mini came out around the time I was preparing to commit, and I did consider just buying one of those instead.

But every year as the real-time tweets and the subsequent LiveJournal reports roll in, part of me wishes I'd gone along to find out what it's all about. I have a half-baked justification, too: I R furry writer nao, and I should be out there getting my name recognised in the hope that this might lead to people buying things I've written.

Plus, I have made enough money from non-fiction articles written in the last two months to cover the con-and-hotel-room ticket. Can I get a booya!? I think I should get a booya!.

So, I will be seeing some of you at ConFuzzled in May, and I hope you will not be too busy hanging out with the cool kids to say hello to a husky!
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