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Mallory Park

BMW C 650 GT vs. C 600 Sport Comparison

Originally posted by webbikeworld at BMW C 650 GT vs. C 600 Sport Comparison
Alice Dryden takes a test ride on both and brings us a quick comparison.


Nice. I'm not into scooters (or any kind of motorized bikes), but I enjoyed reading this, and I'm actually thinking I could enjoy riding a scooter myself.

The top speed on both was impressive; if it were legal to do so I might well have seen 100 mph on the GT's speedo before getting scared and throttling back, while H might have claimed 110 on the Sport. Obviously nothing of the sort happened.

And this made me giggle. ^^
Heh, thanks!

I'm a longtime scooter rider; I've only tried a geared bike a couple of times. I'm in awe of you self-powered types, but a powered two-wheeler is great for big distances. I've been to Italy on mine!
Oh yeah, I could never go that far on my bike — at least not without investing a significant amount of time just to get there! I think reaching Italy would take at least two weeks, and that's just one way. And scaling the Alps on a singlespeed might not be so much fun, either.

For local destinations, though, I love my bike. ^^ But scooters sound fun, too.
You are the only writer who can make a biking article interesting to me.
That is a great compliment - thank you!
Add me to the list of "I'm not into bikes, but this was a good read" people!
:) Thanks for reading!