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Monocle Husky

Badger Badger Badger Badger

The Grandville graphic novels, starring policebadger Inspector LeBrock, are a little bloodier than I usually like my anthropomorphic critters, but they are so clever and interesting that I can forgive them. It helps that their creator, Bryan Talbot, is utterly charming in real life and almost definitely not some kind of dog-torturing psychopath.

I attended a talk by Talbot last year. He was an engaging speaker, plus he was kind enough to draw me this bemonocled husky. He mentioned that the next Grandville book would be in a sort of James Bond style, which made me eager to purchase it.

So I've bought myself a ticket for 'the world premiere of Grandville Bête Noire' at Foyles on Friday November 9th. Care to join me? More info here!
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Ooo... I'd probably be tempted by that... If I wasn't beset by flu :(
You have a week and a half! (Get better!)
I'm afraid I'm somewhere else but I hope it's excellent (he was such a nice speaker, last time) and also I *still* have your Vol II Grandville - will get it back to you. Sorry about that.
I refrained from pointing that out! We should meet soon - if we wait for the Horniman to get its ferrets sorted it'll be months.
Don't you think LeBrock was already a bit of a Bond? I'm thinking of the climax to the first book which was distinctly "action movie" rather than "detective story".

Not that I mind. I've been looking forward for a long while to number three's publication.
More of a Holmes...but I don't object to either, of course!