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I Ate The Lotus

Finding out about the Top Gear Bond Car Special was the televisual equivalent of the cat/toast perpetual motion device (cats always land on their feet, toast always lands butter side down, so strap a slice of toast to the back of a cat and it will rotate in mid-air indefinitely). Love Bond, hate Top Gear, what to do?

In the end I watched it, of course, and it wasn't too offensive. Most of the show was Richard Hammond going bug-eyed with enthusiasm over various cars and throwing in movie trivia; did you know the model Lotus Esprit used for the underwater shots in The Spy Who Loved Me trailed bubbles of Alka-Seltzer?

The only Bond other than Daniel Craig to appear, Roger Moore, was asked to name his favourite Bond car and said "Oh, I think that little two-cylinder...two-stroke...thing."

"The 2CV?" asked Hammond, wincing.

"That's right." Bless the man; I didn't particularly like his Bond, or his Saint, but I do like him.

The show ended with footage of mountain curves and "We Have All The Time In The World", which, it turns out, can make me cry even when attached to Top Gear.

iPlayer it here.
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