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BMWs and Aston Martins

I spent the weekend down in Dorset. On Saturday morning, Howard and I went over to CW Motorcycles to try out BMW's brace of new maxi-scooters, the C 650 GT and C 600 Sport. It was interesting to compare our impressions, since I come from an exclusively scooter background while H has always ridden geared bikes, and we had a lot of fun putting the scoots through their paces. (Yes, I would like one, but the price tag puts it well out of my reach.)

In the evening we went to see Skyfall at the Plaza cinema in Dorchester, for an astounding £3.50 each. Cheap at twice the price; the film lacked the OMGnewBond! impact of Casino Royale but was a vast improvement on Quantum of Solace.

News of the Heineken debacle had made me sceptical, but this was handled tastefully, and although it isn't named, there is a scene in which Bond is quite obviously enjoying a Martini in the traditional fashion.

I didn't think much of the new Q; if they're going to go down that route, they should have got the guy who plays Moss in The IT Crowd, who's funnier. A meaty role for Judi Dench's M, though, and a villain who makes up in creepiness what he lacks in flamboyance; lots of scenes set in London, and homage paid to some of the classic Bond movie tropes.

One trope of which I am a little tired is the 'we don't need outmoded Cold War spies like you any more - oh, wait, yes we do'. Bond does look out of place in a modern airport or Tube station, true - he is a wolf among sheep, as one book villain described it - but we still need to imagine that people like him move among us, and I think we always will.

My favourite moment had to be the audience reaction when [spoiler]the Aston Martin appeared.

Since we're going back to Bond's roots, I suggest that the next film should be named after the village where Bond's aunt brought him up after his parents' deaths. I look forward to Bond #24: Pett Bottom.
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