Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

New Pool

Forest Hill has been very excited, or at least the local paper kept telling us we were, about the opening of our new leisure complex in September. I have not the least desire for a gym, or a chlorine-scented cafe, but I tried the swimming-pool out on Friday and again last night.

Unlike the Pavilion Leisure Centre in Bromley, where most of my recent swimming has been done, this is a proper pool with diving-blocks and straight edges (though no helpful marker on the ceiling to warn back-crawlers that they're about to bang their heads). At the time I went, around 9PM, it was also pretty empty; on Friday there were only two other people in the pool, while last night was lane swimming with only a couple of people in each lane.

I'll certainly be going again, once a week if I can. It's very good for my mental health and for coaxing story ideas into my forebrain. Plus I get to use this excellent swimming-husky icon by offside_element :)

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