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It's Only Folk, But I Like It

The Wimborne Folk Festival is something I enjoy a lot more now I no longer live in Wimborne. It's nice to see the town in tourist mode and enjoy the weekend without having to mutter about bloody grockles all the time.

Over the years I have become very picky about what I'll watch in the way of Morris dancers: dainty skipping, hoops twined with flowers and handkerchief-waving won't hold my attention are out, wild people with blacked-up faces, bells on their knees and ragged coats, doing obscenely phallic things with sticks, are in. Fortunately there was a lot of that going on. Plenty of rather frightening hobby-horses too, and one bloke dressed as a black panther which isn't very Merrie Englande but was awfully popular.

Did all those festival-type things: watched a team from Chesterfield do Appalachian dancing; drank at the British Legion; attempted unsuccessfully to find the odd-numbered ticket and win a large plush husky; bought unpasteurised blue cheese; had a cat tattooed on my forearm in henna. And, of course, complained about how commercialised it's all got in recent years.
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