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Casino Royale

The World Is Still Not Enough

Happy Global James Bond Day! It's fifty years, twenty-two films and countless tons of tie-in merchandise since Dr No came out in 1962, and although I'm a bigger fan of book!Bond, I'm very grateful the movies are in my life. Apart from anything else, if there were no Bond movies there probably wouldn't be a Get Smart or a Man from U.N.C.L.E., both of which have given me a great deal of pleasure.

But that's not to say the Bond films haven't. To name a few highlights:

  • Sneaking off to the language lab at boarding-school with my fellow fan Penny to watch the films on video
  • Still at boarding-school, watching The Living Daylights on TV with the niece of costar Art Malik
  • Attending the Oxford premiere of Goldeneye in black tie as stuntmen abseil down the cinema to present a woman in the crowd with a box of Milk Tray
  • Going to Bournemouth in the snow with kowarth to see, er, one of the Brosnan ones
  • My friend Pablo and I trying three different cinemans before we could find one with seats for Die Another Day

I can't pick a favourite, but my top three, in variable order, are:

  • Goldfinger. All the classic ingredients are now in place, plus Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore
  • The Living Daylights. Regular readers will know Timothy Dalton is my favourite Bond, and this is his strongest outing (would that there were more than two to choose from!). Highlights: the cello chase and the fight on the plane
  • On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Very different, genuinely touching, and I'm even fonder of it since visiting the location of Blofeld's revolving restaurant mountain lair

Here's to another 50, Mr Bond. You're my favourite M(isogynist)ILF.

A Bond fan, circa 1995


Ooh. According to the quiz on your site, I'm a Master Spy! *preens*

I don't know too much about Bond, BTW, especially the books, but I have a feeling he himself might view me with a little bit of suspicion — I'm one of those who prefer the Windsor. ;)
More importantly, you're one of those foreigners! :P
Curses! Foiled again! :)
The Living Daylights

On which note, here's Lee Roopanarine in the Guardian, singing the praises of that very film.
> if you like the books, the odds are you'll like Dalton

YES. Thank you for that!
I don't know if you've come across Charles Stross's books, especially The Laundry Files—fantastic (in both senses) geekgasm pre-apocalyptic Lovecraftian spy satire mathematical horror—but I can highly recommend The Golden Age of Spying, a short commentary that Stross writes as a colophon to The Jennifer Morgue. It casts Blofeld in a whole new light. Delicious stuff.

Edited at 2012-10-06 06:46 am (UTC)
It was post Uni for me and given snow I'm favouring Tomorrow Never Dies over The World Is Not Enough Iseem to recall enjoying the experience more than the movie :p
Yes, that would make sense! Middle-era Brosnan was a bit meh - thank goodness we had Austin Powers!
Rain for the first 2 of those but Goldmember turned out nice again ;)

Casino Royale.
... Moonraker.

Yeah, I chose a Moore-era Bond. Sue me.


I'm seriously tempted to do a Bond NaNoWriMo this year.