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September Wedding

Here is how I prepared for the wedding of one of my oldest friends on Saturday, having had nearly a year to get ready:

  • Check wedding list on John Lewis website. Only item remaining is a tube of tennis balls.
  • Get hair cut.

  • Try on dress bought in sale 2 years ago and not yet worn due to no suitable occasion presenting itself, but keenly looked forward to. Discover I seem to have put on quite a lot of weight since then.
  • Remember that people who are getting married also get cards.

  • Try on faithful fifteen-year-old dress that always fits, last worn at my friend Dave's wedding in 2009. Moths have eaten holes in the front.
  • Purchase Whipsnade lemur adoption as wedding gift, since couple will spend honeymoon in Madagascar.
  • Resist buying wedding card with Photoshopped meerkats and go for safe Quentin Blake option.

  • Sew up moth holes in faithful dress.
  • Discover wedding hat in pyjama drawer. Unsquash.

  • Stuff everything into bag and bag into scooter prior to meeting Howard at South Mimms Services and travelling to his niece's place in St Albans.

  • Spend morning doing tourism in St Albans. Arrive back with half an hour to have lunch, get changed and set off.
  • Discover large, previously-missed moth hole in cleavage area. Cover by fastening jacket lapels together with safety pin.
  • Arrive Hatfield House with no idea where to go. Find smartly-dressed people to tag along behind.

And then...then it was the wedding itself, and nothing mattered except being there.


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