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The Power of LiveJournal

I don't always comment on Doctor Who, partly because there are many people whose opinions are better informed and thought out than mine, partly because my opinion is usually 'The Doctor needs to be forty years older and stop kissing everyone'. But here are some bullets on The Power of Three, and my first shot at using the <lj-spoiler> tag.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
  • Much <3 for Kate Stewart.
  • Amy and Rory need to decide whether they're in or out. They are as annoying as a cat that's always on the wrong side of the door.
  • The Cubes reminded me rather of the plastic daffodils from Terror of the Autons, which also remained inert until millions had welcomed them into their homes.
  • See also Trillions by Nicholas Fisk, in which weird tiny crystals inexplicably arrive on Earth overnight.

Overall? Enjoyed it apart from the anticlimactic ending and the kissing, OH GOD THE ENDLESS KISSING.


I thought the ending was quite extraordinarily wet and floppy. In fact, the only possible justification is that the Doctor zooms off into the stars, the $unpronounceableAliens get straight back on with the destroy-humanity plan, and the Doctor has to come back and save the day all over again.
Or we get a new hyperspace bypass...no, wait.

I could have done with a whole lot less domesticity and a lot more plot-resolving.
Trillions I knew this reminded me of something, and that was it. Haven't read it for years, admittedly.

I hoped you'd approve of Kate Stewart. I thought she was very nicely written and played. As for Amy and Rory, maybe they should just replace both of them with Rory's dad...

The spoiler tag worked perfectly. =:)
Several people on diggerdydum said that about Trillions - I'm providing a valuable public service here!

I would be very happy to have an older companion to balance out the youthful Doctor; shame Wilf didn't get the gig.

I know, I'm such a late adopter!
I liked Mark Williams too.
THAT's his name! Thank you! (Now I can stop referring to him as 'Mr Weasley'.)
If, however, you have JavaScript inhibited one way or another then the spoiler tag fails, so I figure they've forgotten to give it a noscript element...
My goodness, LJ's implementation of something is broken... =:S

I hope they fix that (ha, I know) since I find it much more useful than the traditional cut for the simple reason that text stays concealed when you reply to a post. That means people can reply to other parts of a post without being spoiled.
I guess, because they want to hide and reveal selectively at a click of the mouse they decided to do the whole lot in JavaScript, but the obvious noscript equivalent is the standard lj-cut behaviour, so it's a bit odd they didn't do that...
Tchah, yes! (I also like the way you can reveal spoiler text and still remain on your Friends page rather than opening the post.)
partly because my opinion is usually 'The Doctor needs to be forty years older and stop kissing everyone'

I endorse this opinion!

-The Gneech
We shall present a united front on this! Or perhaps a UNITed one.
Pretty much. ^_^

So, when the cubes' grand evil plan is to just zap everyone to death, what was the point of spending months and months doing nothing at all, then suddenly learning everything in 47 minutes? (And doing nothing about communications) And the creepy RoboGirl.. ? Agh. It's Chibnall - you expect that from him. *sigh*

Still, overall, it remained an enjoyable episode, with a particularly welcome homage to the Brigadier. ^_^
Trillions! I had the same thought myself.
You never see Nicholas Fisk's books these days. I guess they're out of fashion, but I loved Space Hostages.
The Doctor can't decide whether Amy and Rory are in or out, either. I wonder whether he really is as old as he claims he is; I suspect him of adding centuries to his life to hide his dependence on the Ponds.

Out of interest, who would you cast as a substantially older Doctor?
Ooh, intriguing theory. And Rowan Atkinson! I thought he was brilliant in Curse of Fatal Death, and he's become quite the silver fox lately.

Edited at 2012-09-25 01:07 pm (UTC)
William Hartnell.
Oh, you meant a different Doctor rather than an older version of the current one? Hmm. Anton Lesser?
He'd be a possibility, yes.
Feeblest enemies of the Doctor evah. One wave of the sonic screwdriver and ... they're gone. Had no defences at all, apparently. Not even the dudes with the cube mouths who appeared and vanished again without a word of exposition. Plot? What plot was that, then? Just a series of holes badly stitched together.
Who needs plot when you can have ten minutes of the Doctor sitting on sofas and eating Chinese takeaways?