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Monocle Husky


Someone out there in internetland has deemed one of my stories worthy of the Recommended Anthropomorphics List 2012!

The list is open to suggestions from all but curated by the Ursa Major Awards committee, and should be your one-stop shop if you're looking for something furry to read.

Big thanks to whoever put Magnificent Dogs forward! You've made a husky happy.
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Second out of goodness knows how many! That really is very impressive to see, so well done!! :)
It's in alphabetical order ;) What do you bet they add a load of stories by people whose names begin with A before the year is out? :)
The cheek! And it doesn't even say so at the top of the list. :o Well, it should be at no less than number 2, so nyah to 'em. ;)
Congrats! How very nice to be recognized that way. ^^
I'm really chuffed!