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Football in the park

In summer, the Reuters women's football team (which has fewer members actually working for Reuters every time we meet, but hey, as long as they're still prepared to spnsor our kit...) practises in Regent's Park. Rough luck on those players who suffer from hayfever but very lovely for everyone else on an evening like yesterday.

I sometimes feel, though, that I don't really belong on a football team. Everyone else turns up to practice in a T-shirt that says 'Flora London Marathon 2001', 'PriceWaterhouseCooper Ladies' Hockey Team', or at the very least 'Nike'. Mine says 'Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me'.

[Icon is my character from the Thunderbolt Black roleplay, Viggen-flying Swedish Samoyed Lars Flink, callsign 'Wintermute' (as portrayed by wardy). If you like furs, and you like fighter planes, give it a try!]

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