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Husky Airways

Things That Go

On Sunday, Howard and I headed for Brooklands to look at cars, motorbikes and planes in the company a former colleague and his four-year-old daughter.

You can see sections of the old circuit, sometimes still used for a race or hillclimb. A new track with skid pan lets you try out Mercedes cars, for a price. We were there for the museum pieces, however.

For me, the cars, bicycles and motorbikes - plus three Sinclair C5s, surely the most you'll find anywhere other than a C5 convention - were just an appetiser before the aeroplane section, contained in a static park and the Wellington Hangar.

Concorde was closed for a wedding, but we could walk through the opulent VC10 kitted out for the Sultan of Oman (the world's only two-bedroom airliner? WANT) and a BAC 1-11. The Wellington Hangar was dominated by its namesake bomber, much of its frame spookily naked after several decades immersed in Loch Ness. There were also biplanes for me to coo at, a small display about Barnes Wallis, and a Harrier cockpit to sit in.

We headed in a one-car, two-bike convoy to Woking, where Former Colleague's partner had already commenced work on a delicious dinner and four-year-old Amélie, inspired by the sights of the afternoon, drew a picture of me captaining an orange aeroplane.


Ooh, what condition is the 1-11 in? I must go see that!
I preferred the one I had my 30th birthday party in :) It's an interesting walkthrough, though, with lots of gear on display. And postcards!
Oh wow, that must have been an awesome party :D :D

I'll have to see if I can arrange something sometime in the future. I'll be on the hunt for postcards too. Anything with a 1-11 on it is fodder for the collection here :D
I don't think I've ever seen more than one C5 together before, so somehow that seems particularly impressive! THe 24-litre Napier-Railton is the car of theirs I'd most like to own, though. I think I've seen it somewhere (Donington?) and it makes a wonderful noise.
It was out doing something when we visited, leaving only an empty space and a drip tray :(
Back in the late eighties, some enterprising soul had bought up a bunch of C5s and were using them as a funfair-style ride at some seaside resort I was visiting. They couldn't keep the batteries usefully charged, and had to give everyone dire warnings about not trying too tight a turn.

So, I've seen a dozen or so C5s in one place. But even as a novel alternative to dodgems, they were pretty lousy. (-8
World's only two-bedroom airliner? Surely not. Unless they mean the only one with exactly two bedrooms?

There are those Singapore Airlines suites for a start. At least one person has a private A380, and there are plenty of well-equipped 747s including, of course the two Air Force Ones.

Not, you understand, that I'd turn down a private jet with a mere two bedrooms, if you're offering. (-8
My description, not theirs, and there was a question mark :)

Two bedrooms, dining area, and progressively smaller seats for progressively less important members of the party!