Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Fourth Floor at Malory Towers

Our building is having a long-overdue makeover, with carpets being cleaned and air conditioning installed. It's happening on a floor-by-floor basis, each floor in turn decamping to the ground floor meeting room which has been temporarily turned into a rather unpleasant open-plan office.

We knew we were in for trouble as soon as we saw the schedule; it left no margin at all for error, and sure enough we of the First Floor (it's starting to sound like a school story) arrived for work yesterday to find the Fourth Floor's stuff still resident.

What we hadn't accounted for was the cold water tank in the roof bursting, flooding the 4th and 1st floors and shorting some incidental electric circuits (the ones powering the lights in the corridors and toilets). Seldom has the phrase 'it never rains but it pours' rung so true.

At 9:30 we were told to go away for two hours. Six of us decided to visit Tate Modern and further decided that it would be fun to see the Nude/Body/Action gallery. Shortly afterwards we realised that looking at paintings of genitals with your work colleagues at ten in the morning isn't really that fun, and went for coffee.

Returned shortly before noon to find our computers were set up but there were no chairs. Looks like lunchtime, then. We started work around 2, though of course we were too excited by the goings-on by then to do much.

So a nice day, rounded off by dinner at klepsydra's. (And Simon's - if he has a LiveJournal he's keeping remarkably quiet about it.) Though I enjoyed the excellent dinner and conversation (I won't say the wine was excellent as we brung it and it probably wasn't), the big bonus was in feline form: two tiny, near-identical tabby-and-whites with manga eyes. In fact I'm still not convinced there were two cats; I reckon it was one cat travelling faster than light. Mrrow.

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