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Orange Vespa Huskyteer

Bunga Bunga Party

A couple of weeks ago, I learned from a passing tweet that Bunga Bunga Pizzaria on Battersea Bridge Road offered free pizza on Tuesday evenings to anyone rolling up on an Italian scooter or motorbike. I announced this on the Modern Vespa forum, and yesterday was picked as the date to descend en masse.

There were eleven of us all told, all on Piaggio, Vespa or Gilera scooters, and we made a jolly group befitting the jolly surroundings. Many pictures of cheeky Berlusconi, the restaurant's mascot, alongside framed vintage advertisements and a stuffed boar's head. The highlight for us was a chandelier made from old open face helmets. Even the loos were fun, with language tapes playing while Berlusconi and his bird peeked out from porthole-style windows to differentiate the gents' from the ladies'.

Most importantly, the pizza was lovely: very thin and crispy, with a good selection of toppings. I had a four-cheese extravaganza (gorgonzola, taleggio, mozzarella and goat) named, I regret to report, 'Julius Cheeser', while my friend Kate, enjoying her first solo outing since the birth of her baby four months ago, leaped straight in with "I'll have the 'Italian Stallion' please!"

Around nine a man in evening dress appeared and performed a lengthy routine of Frank Sinatra songs. We left towards the conclusion of That's Amore.

If you're looking for tasty pizza and quirky decor in south London, you have my recommendation.

(You can see my large, burgundy scooter peeking out from behind the car that's splitting up our nice row.)


Julius Cheeser? Hahahah.

Also, yum.
Oh, very much yum! We will be back.
It looks like the car is parking in a bike/scooter bay, and the owners are getting revenge by boxing it in. Is revenge this sweet?
Ha, not quite that good - there's more exit room than is obvious from the photo. (I wouldn't risk that, anyway, as a driver selfish enough to park in a bike bay probably wouldn't mind knocking a couple of scooters over to exit.)
Gosh, I was in the Pizza Express over the road at the time, gazing suspiciously at the Bunga Bunga restaurant!
"I'll have the 'Italian Stallion' please!"

MMMmm. ^^

And "Julius Cheeser"? Oh my. ^^ Did they also have a "Cicero" pizza with chickpeas on it? :)
Haha, I will suggest that next time!
Oh how I love our national sense of humour...

I hope the rest of the menu was similarly tasteless in terms of naming?
Those were the most egregious examples. I'm sure they could have got more mileage out of Silvio if they'd tried really hard!
I had to think of you the other day, we went through Ironbidge a couple of weeks ago en route to Wroxeter remains for parents wedding anniversary (How we live, I know :p) and there was just bikes and scooters EVERYWHERE. :D
Ooooh, nice! I've ridden round there and it's a lovely area.
Did the JC feature cherry tomatoes as well? I've found they work beautifully well against goat's cheese on a pizza - that was always one of my favorite tweaks on a Papa John's pizza, back at the last gig.

(Here, there isn't a PJ in a long way - but there is an authentic pizzeria along the lines you've described. An indie, too, and seemingly always busy, so they won't be going anywhere any time soon)

I do love the idea of Berlusconi as the mascot. =:D
Oh, I will be in your neck of the woods soon, as my boyfriend's family is renting a house for a week! Probably won't be much meetup opportunity, but you never know!

Had there been tomatoes on Julius, other than in the sauce, I wouldn't have ordered, as I only like them pureed to death.