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Orange Vespa Huskyteer

My New 0cc Scooter

At lunchtime, I went to Halfords and collected one of these:

Yes, yes, yes. Microscooters are for young men with stupid hair who work in Shoreditch, and maybe the occasional small child. But hear me out.

When I was little, I had a Triang scooter which was my favourite non-cuddly toy. My dad had repainted it silver, and it had red handlebar grips. I rode it until it broke.

When the microscooter craze first hit in the early '00s, I was delighted that adults could suddenly have scooters again. I bought one with flashing red LEDs in the wheels and rode it until it broke.

I look forward to whizzing around Forest Hill on this one, pretending if necessary that I'm taking it home for a ficitious tot I've just dropped off at its posh nursery.

Here is the conversation I had with the salesman:

- Hi, I ordered something online and I was wondering if it had arrived yet.
- What was it?
- *mutters* Microscooter.
- Oh, was it the Thundercats one?
- *mutters* Yes.
- Is it for yourself?
- *mutters* Might be.

I deserved that, really.


VERY cool!!!!

And good for you for getting it for yourself - there is NO shame in getting the Thundercats one! :)

Umm... any chance you would be willing to help a certain sheppy pup become de-sensitized to the darn things??? *hopeful eyes* Admittedly, there is A LOT of damage that has been done thus far, thanks to HORRIBLE children around here, so it will not be an easy fix ... but any little bit helps! (And I know that you will know that she will NOT eat you when you whiz by. LOL)

*hugs and more hugs*

ps- thanks for the text last night. You know where I is, if you need me!
I wondered whether that might be a good idea - I'd be happy to!
Heh! Round here I think the average scooter rider's probably aged about nine or ten. Have fun with it! ;)

(Oh, and that conversation bears some slight similarity with ones I've had in Build-a-Bear...)

Edited at 2012-07-11 08:30 am (UTC)
I bet the 9-year-olds are much more proficient than I am!
pretending if necessary that I'm taking it home for a ficitious tot

Don't you do any such thing!

The most excellent thing about disposable income is that you're allowed to spend it on whatever you want, especially if what you want is a Thundercats scooter, or a massive Lego kit, or an ice-cream sundae shaped like a smiley face. Stuff's wasted on kids :)
Or, of course, a whole-home ball pen. (-8
You're right, of course!
You could have saved embarrassment and awkwardness by saying you were planning on smuggling crack in the hollow handlebars?
That should've ended like this:

- Is it for yourself?
- By Jove, IT IS! And let it be known from this day forth that this husky will ride this lovely little Thundercats microscooter each and every new day, everywhere she goes on this green Earth, until it breaks!

Lovely answer - I wish I'd thought of it!
Next time. :)

Can you get replacement wheels for this one with LEDs in? Or, at least, with the circular logo on...

Actually, in this day and age, I would have thought it ought not to be too difficult to somehow make your own that snaps on over the existing ones, but I'm not immediately sure how. Needs more thought.
The wheels are larger than standard , I think, which would make it more difficult. Also, it's flashy enough as it is!
That scooter is awesome.

YOU are awesome.
:) I bet your guys are more proficient scooterists than I am, though!
Careful on that big hill you live on!
Q: Is it for yourself?
A: Oh, yes. So no, you can't have it.
*grin* A lot of the embarrassment was down to the fact that the ssles guy was obviously too young to remember original Thundercats.
Can't believe you'd get embarrassed buying that.
To be fair, I exist in a state of perpetual embarrassment about everything.
That's surely a whole pile of fun. ^_^

Could make a fun photographic subject sometime, if you're up for it.. !

(Even though I keep having to remind myself the Forest Hill you're talking about isn't the one I'm familiar with, toward the western end of the underground section of Muni =:)

Edited at 2012-07-11 09:46 pm (UTC)
That's not somewhere I'd even *think* about scooting!