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Queers And Poodles In The Area

My new 'hood continues to surprise and delight. Yesterday evening atommickbrane and I walked through the park, with its alarmingly fit joggers and unvandalised exercise equipment, to Dulwich Picture Gallery for a screening of the 1966 classic Blow-Up.

We were somewhat dismayed on arrival to find that people had apparently dressed up for the event, but it turned out there was a private view and the smarter set were going to that. And at least I was wearing a Boden top as protective colouring.

There were snacks and a glass of wine before the showing, which made up for the fact that we were paying £9 to see a laptop display a DVD on a projector screen, and a brief talk, then the swinging fun began.

I knew I was going to like the film as soon as the Jeep full of mimes careered onto the screen, and I was not disappointed. The cars! The clothes! The sexploitation! I couldn't help being fond of David Hemmings's selfish, arrogant photographer protagonist - for his dress sense, for his easy confidence, and for the fact that he falls in love with an aeroplane propeller in a junk shop and insists on buying it.

My favourite scenes were the fashion shoots, so obviously the inspiration for Austin Powers's cover identity that I kept expecting our hero to say "You're an animal, baby! You're a tiger! You're Tony the Tiger! You're grrrrreat!" (he came close), but I enjoyed both the fab, far-out London frivolity and the moody bits Sarah later described as 'CSI: Sixties', although I felt the two tones didn't always mesh successfully.

After seeing his name in the opening credits I was looking forward to seeing Peter Bowles, but when he appeared I failed to recognise him. I realised today that this was because I'd got mixed up and was expecting David Tomlinson.

The park gates were still open when we set off for home at a quarter to ten, and things were still not being vandalised. It's not natural.
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