Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Vespa Weekend

This weekend was mainly about Vespas.

Friday was the third instance of my annual Fish & Chip Run from Box Hill to Worthing. Having bowed to pressure to make it Friday evening rather than my original pick of next Wednesday, I was a little cross when almost everyone who said they'd take part pulled out on the entirely spurious grounds that it might rain.

I arrived at Rykas, the cafe at Box Hill, to find one other scooter. We set off in convoy and had an absolute blast, the roads being almost empty due to the England game. A couple of showers, one heavy, gave way to blue skies and a fresh breeze for our arrival at the seaside, and we ate our chips sitting on a sheltered bench overlooking the beach. The highlight of the journey was when we had to slow down for three peacocks.

The weekend was also Vespa World Days 2012. This peripatetic European Vespafest was hosted this year by London, at the O2 Dome, and when they announced that day tickets would be available for a tenner I thought I'd go along.

Most of the action was happening in the car park, with luggage-laden scooters from Italy, France, Germany and the Netherlands, as well as closer to home, arriving and departing. Inside the venue, a small museum and a few stalls selling parts, T-shirts and other goodies huddled together for company.

Really, though, it was all about the scooters and the socialising; the meet was just a pretext. I met up with some of my friends from the Modern Vespa forum, some in person for the first time, talked to some international Vespisti and bought a couple of stickers. That's a Good Day in the world of scootering.

Also, since when has there been a cable car at the Dome? I want a go!
Tags: scooters

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