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Tiger Light

Volume 2 of Allasso from Pink Fox Publications launches today, and it includes my short story, Tiger Light.

Allasso is quite a new venture, publishing what's best described as 'furry literary fiction'. Although all the content features anthropomorphic animals, it's intended to appeal outside the fandom too, so don't be shy!

Both volumes, Shame and Saudade, are available to read online for free, but you can also purchase an e-book (only £2.52!) or hard copy - which would help the editor to continue production.

View the contents page, or skip straight to my story. (Warning for mild sexual content and implied drug use.)

I'm probably the only person who still uses LJ as an RSS reader, but there is a feed at pinkfoxpubs if you want to keep up with Allasso news. Submissions are currently being accepted for Volume 3.
Tags: furry, writing

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