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Orange Vespa Huskyteer

Behind The Sofawolf

Yesterday sofawolf formally announced the lineup for Heat #9, so I am almost a published furry author. There are, of course, things that could still prevent my becoming an actual published furry author, for instance the Apocalypse, so I won't be truly happy until I have a copy in my paws.

You can see the product page here. This is an adult publication and you'll need to click a disclaimer before viewing, but the page itself is fairly demure with no anthropomorphic norks or willies on display. I promise.
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First: congrats.

Second: no anthropomorphic norks or willies on display - I really love your turns of phrase. :)
Anthronorks! Thanks, and thanks!
Ooh, congrats! I remember seeing the link float past earlier, but hadn't realised you'd gotten something published in it. It's release won't hit Confuzzled, but I may have to pick up a copy at Eurofurence, as I'm assuming they'll have a table there as usual. :3
Do you dare? :)
Then almost very great congratulations to you!
:P I almost accept them!
Many Congrats!
Equally many thanks :) And hello there, lurkmeister!
Wow, that means you're almost famous! Can I have your almost autograph?
I'm almost flattered!