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Monocle Husky

Week & End

That was a busy week.

On Wednesday I went for a ride with a friend from the bike club, because if you know bikers you're going to know people who are retired or work shifts or are otherwise free in the daytime. We rode over to Westerham, a favourite spot of mine surrounded by excellent roads.

In the evening, yagfox and I attended a Future Cinema screening of Bugsy Malone. I'd never seen the film but was vaguely aware it featured a bunch of kids throwing custard pies at each other, which sounded like fun.

The audience, including some quite tiny children, dressed suitably for Depression-era USA (I was in drag, as it's so much easier) and willingly played along with the shoeshine boys and soda jerks who entertained us while we waited to enter the Troxy. Yag was told he needed a shave, and we both found ourselves at the barber's having appropriate moustaches drawn on us. My favourite performer, though, was the man who served me my macaroni cheese at the food counter, who said "Ciao, bello - oh, scusi, bella!"

You'll have to go along yourself to discover what the full experience was like. Many thanks to Yag for spotting this and sorting it! Dry-cleaning bill is in the post :)

nou has been having a Week Of Coding, and kindly invited me round on Thursday so I could have a crack at JQuery in company. Shamed by the presence of another human being, I knuckled down and worked through three chapters of From Novice to Ninja.

Friday I went on another ride with four bike club members of flexible work schedule. I got home, it rained buckets for an hour, I went out again to have dinner with mrs_leroy_brown and kitty in their new pad. This was all quite tiring and I didn't do much on Saturday.

On Sunday I visited Croydon again for the South End Food Festival. There were samples and special menus from local restaurants, cooking demonstrations by chefs stationed at an enormous Aga-sponsored roadshow trailer complete with MC, and, as is usual on these occasions, I bought far more olives than I can sensibly eat.

Also, words have been written. Including, of course, these ones.


I'd read about this in The Guardian and thought it sounded brilliant - and far too much fun to restrict to the kids.

You'll have to go along yourself to discover what the full experience was like

When the run of performances is over and so going along myself becomes impossible rather than merely impractical, might I tempt you to reveal a little more detail, please?
Sure! There's not a great deal to reveal - I just didn't want to spoil the ending for anyone who might go.
I remember seeing "Bugsy Malone" in the cinema first time round... One of Jodie Foster's early roles, and rather better than "Candleshoe" which I also saw about that time. Now I feel old... ;)
Was that her in Candleshoe? It was a TV repeat years later for me, but I rather enjoyed it.
She was rising child star of the moment, and in quite a few movies at the time ("Taxi Driver" was the most notorious, but it wasn't on the family's movie-going agenda). We went to see "Candeshoe" because auntie Viv was in it. "Bugsy Malone" was much more fun, though. ;)
Ta for coming, will keep an eye out for more of their stuff, I was impressed at the effort and attention to detail they put in!
I believe the one-night mystery movies sell out very quickly, but we should certainly give it a shot! I've always worried about it being a film I didn't like, but Bugsy proved that I could enjoy something I'd never even seen before, so...