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I've been not-working for two weeks now. Scary how quickly the time goes. Much of it seems to have been spent waiting for my computer to catch up with my requests for it to do stuff.

On Thursday I attended a recording of The News Quiz at the Drill-Hall-as-was. It lasted an hour and a half, at the end of which Sandi Toksvig apologised profusely for the late running, blamed Jeremy Hardy, and wondered how on earth the BBC would cut it down to twenty-eight minutes (by cutting out the swearing and slander, mostly).

What you missed: the story about Rick Wakeman going for a drink with Ronnie Biggs; Sandi's inability to pronounce the Chinese names of the Edinburgh Zoo pandas; Jeremy simulating urination up a curtain.

On Friday I participated in 3hundredand65, a collaborative graphic novel played out on Twitter over the course of a year. Participants have 140 characters to convey the next instalment of a story that's lyrical, comical, scary and surreal, in support of the Teenage Cancer Trust. Join in or follow along at @3hundredand65 and #3hand65.

My Tweet and the artist's accompanying illustration are here. Did I cynically exploit the project in order to get a picture of wolves? Judge for yourselves! (And yes, huskies would have been too blatant given my username.)
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Finally iPlayered that programme, as I missed both broadcasts. Sandi also seems to have spent a fair portion of the broadcast hardly able to breathe for laughing...
Yes, there was lots of that too, especially over the panda names!
I spent Christmas Eve at Rick Wakeman's house once. That is the beginning, middle and end of my prog-rock adventures. Thoroughly nice bloke though.

The picture is unexplained, two motorised velocipedes?
Wildest Christmas Eve ever?

True - another part of my Easter, meeting Howard at Alton (not Towers) and travelling down to Dorset with him. The world needs nice bike pics!