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Old Friends

On Sunday I went round to my friend Nick Ultrafox winolj's place, where he, his housemates and various others were having a Shakespeare readthrough. I hadn't done anything like this for a number of years, and it was great fun.

The play was The Comedy of Errors, which is early and barmy - you think Twelfth Night is full of unlikely twin-related coincidences? you ain't seen nothing yet - and we bagsied parts as they appeared. Pity the poor bloke who jumped gamely in at the start, only to find that his character had four or five speeches of lengthy exposition, full of complicated names, in a row. Every time he finished one the other character in the scene would say something along the lines of 'But pray, continue!', to general hilarity.

One of those present was elethe, whom I met at a party in late 2004, Friended, and hadn't seen since.

Yesterday I saw someone else last glimpsed at a party even longer ago: kyyanno, who'd suggested we meet up as he had the week off. It was a fab sunny day, and we ate lunch at a picnic table outside our rendez-vous point, the Station Cafe in Alton.

Kyy had requested a pillion ride and brought his own helmet and jacket. After a rocky start in which I nearly rode into the cafe signboard (it's been a while since I last took passengers), we set off for a twenty-minute jaunt around the back of Lasham airfield and through some nice bends I'd prepared earlier.

I wonder who will emerge from the woodwork next?

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