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Down in France, I caught a few minutes of the new, inferior* Thundercats on Saturday morning TV while waiting for it to be breakfast time.

It was only later that I remembered the original Thundercats didn't air as Thundercats in France, but as Cosmocats.

We had at least one French family holiday during the major Thundercats phase of my life. I was delighted to discover a whole new country full of merchandise, including a comic book, a collectable mustard jar with Lion-O ('Starlion') and Cheetara ('Felibelle') on it and a 7" single of the theme song, which I played so often I can still remember most of the French lyrics:

Cosmocats extraterrestres!
Cosmocats, c'est vous
Qui avez tous les pouvoirs
Cosmocats, à vous!
Cosmo, cosmo, cosmo, Cosmocats!
Cosmo, cosmo, cosmo, Cosmocats!

I could go on, but I won't. I make no claims for the accuracy of the grammar, either.

Later on Saturday I discovered Cosmocats DVDs in a shop called Kandy, which appears to be the French equivalent of Poundstretcher. I recognised the episodes immediately, even with French titles, and bought the one with Tygra on the case as a present for my ten-year-old self.

(I also brought back a collectable mustard jar, with Spielberg's Tintin on it this time, having recently finished the Bolt and Mittens mustard obtained on a previous trip.)

* YMMV, rose-tinted spectacle etc. If I'd been a fan of My Little Pony in the 1980s I expect I'd now be complaining about how terrible the new one is.


"new, inferior..."

Much as I felt about the appearance of Fingermouse in the late 1980s, with its messages of oneupmanship and being One of the Crowd contrasting with the laid-back mildly psychedelic Fingerbobs, the original, in the early 1970s...
I do not remember this revamped Fingermouse! I have only hazy recollections of the original, mind; it didn't make as big an impression as Bagpuss, say, or Pigeon Street.
I'm more of the Fingerbobs generation than you are, as it was broadcast most often in the early- to mid-70s, and when Fingermouse ran I was just of an age to be able to look at it and be utterly appalled.
I was very tiny for Fingerbobs but I do remember attempting to make my own Fingermouse after one broadcast, and running round the garden with it.
I can remember watching ThunderCats every morning before class began in my fifth grade year. I was never that big a fan of the show, as I was a He-Man kid all the way, but I liked it well enough that there's no way you could get me to watch the new show now. Not even in French.
Ah, you were one of those loyal kids, like me. I was disgusted when my friends starting watching Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles and abandoned Thundercats.

I've seen a couple of episodes of the new one, and it's OK, but what's the point other than making diehards like me go 'WTF TYGRA AND LION-O ARE BROTHERS NOW??'?
Rather weirdly, in the Cosmocats opening theme, Mumm-Ra's evil yell of doom is completely silent...
Oh, cool - I'd never actually seen the French titles! What's striking to me is that the French song actually focuses on the plot (coming from a faraway planet, fighting Mutants) rather than the slanderous generalities about Thundercat 'looseness' that we got.

Also, brilliant comments to that video. 'toute notre jeunesse c pa du pokémon' is my new motto.
As a fan of MLP in the 80s, I can say that this new version is actually pretty good. The characters are cute, the stories are 3-dimensional. Now, the MLP in the 90s and 00s era - don't get me started. That stuff was pure nasty.
I know it's had rave reviews - but you're either a horse person or you're not, and...
I will admit, I rather like the way "Cosmocats" rolls off the tongue - positively dashing!

Not all TV memories need be disproven later on - watching an episode of Animal Kwackers the other week just reminded me of how wondrously psychedelic it was for a kids' show, and probably helped usher a few protofurs into their future fandom. =:) (And irreparably scarred a few others =:)

FWIW, whilst I've had an enjoyment of MLP for a while, the recent FiM quite caught me - the best description I've read was "much better than it needed to be". It could've been just something that served the purpose, but they wound up bringing in some particularly good talent to create the new show, making it something with far broader appeal.

And I must now locate an example of Fingermouse, and compare against Fingerbobs..
I'm still awed by the complex storytelling of Dogtanian, even now.
I love the Cosmocats song! In fact, I am endlessly fascinated all foreign-language versions of cartoon theme tunes. I learned quite a few as a student (children's TV is so educational when it's in another language!) and I think I can still sing most of the Spanish theme for Willy Fog...
I did have a YouTube playlist of the Dogtanian theme in various languages but I think many of them have been taken down :(

If only we'd gone in for Spanish hols instead - it makes me sigh to think of all the Muskehounds tat I missed.