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Words Beget Words

Funny thing about LiveJournal. If you haven't posted for a while it's really hard to get back into, but as soon as you make one post you think of three more.

The same is true, I've found, of writing in general. The more you write, the more you write.

To this end, I've set myself the task of writing 500 words a day (of the same manuscript!) for three months. This is a lot for me; usually I'm barely capable of writing a paragraph without going back and fiddling with the previous one. So it's sometimes hard work, but it's not as bonkers as NaNoWriMo's 1667 words a day for one month, and sometimes the day's wordcount is exceeded before I know it. And at the end of three months, if all goes well, I'll have 45,000 words, which is getting on for a Young Adult-length manuscript. Some, many or even all of those words may be utter pants, but they will exist, and this is but a first draft.

I learned long ago that I need deadlines to get anything done, and that even arbitrary, self-imposed deadlines will do the trick. Apparently I also need bribes like 'for every 15,000 words I will buy myself a present' and 'after 3 months I get to put it away and write a short story or something'.

It's very good for working through sticky bits that tempt you to leave it for a couple of days, which becomes a couple of weeks. I don't beat myself up if I miss a day, and so far I've been able to make up for low or zero wordcount days with high-verbage days later. Day Fifteen, one-sixth of the way through, and I should be on 7,500 words by close of play tonight. I hit 8,500 before I left for work.

It's all going suspiciously well so far. If I never speak of this project again, you may draw your own conclusions.
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