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Monocle Husky

I Win A Literary Prize

Every Friday, Foyles plays a Twitter hashtag game in which they name a theme, usually topical, and followers are invited to make dreadful ISIHAC-style puns on the titles of well-known books. This is right up my street and I always look forward to finding out what the week's #bookgame will be, LOLing at the best entries and contributing my own. After playing along most Fridays for over a year, I actually managed to win last week's.

I was especially delighted because the #bookgame in question was #book42, inviting submissions based on The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Competition was stiff - it's hardly surprising that many H2G2 fans follow Foyles and enjoy wordplay - but I triumphed with 'A Superintelligent Shade of The Color Purple'.

(I now note the Internet is divided on whether it should be 'superintelligent' or 'hyperintelligent'. Never mind!)

My prize arrived yesterday: a copy of The Gone-Away World (which I'm sure was hand-picked just for me and in no way something they happened to have ordered too many copies of). It looks like a book I'll enjoy reading, and I will certainly remember how I came to acquire it. Thanks for all the fish fun, Foyles!
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Noted. Followed. Cheers!

(Also, well done!)
Thanks and you're welcome!
Curious! I'd not heard of the book before, and this is the second LJ post I've read today to mention it with enthusiasm.
Look out for mention #3!

I had vaguely heard of it but couldn't have told you anything about it before it came into my possession.
I thought you were one of the people who would most appreciate it :)
Well done!
Thank you! *grin*