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The Spy Who Loved Me

Writer's Block: Shaken, Not Stirred

Yeah, you knew this was coming.

Who is the best James Bond?

There are many ways to define 'best'. Obviously, I'm going to skew it so 'best' comes out in favour of my personal favourite Bond, Timothy Dalton. He's not the most popular, he didn't appear in the most films, and the films he did weren't particularly sparkling. But to me - and to many other fans - he's the closest film Bond we've had to Ian Fleming's brooding bastard of the pulp pages.

He's also incredibly sexy, with his dark hair, blue eyes and wolfish grin. He's the only Bond I can believe in as both cold-blooded killer and irresistible lover.

I wish Dalton had had a longer whack at the part, and I wish On Her Majesty's Secret Service had been made during his reign; much as I adore the Sixties kitschiness of what we got, Tim would have made a better go of the wide emotional range the story demands.

(And looked utterly amazing all bloodied and beat up from the bobsled run. There, I said it.)



It's convinient for daily use, only if the price is reasonable.
Very true. But I would pay a pretty high price for him.
My favorite is Dalton too. I guess we're both weird. :)
No, we just have Taste :P

How I wish we'd had Dalton's Bond with the script and director quality of the recent Casino Royale.
Yes! Not that Daniel Craig was bad, but he's really not my idea of Bond.
They were trying to make Dalton Roger Moore.

As if.
He actually pulled off the cello case stunt with a lot of class and charm. Which took some doing!
You have great taste! :-)
Likewise, sir!
I think I've told you before that Timothy Dalton is pretty much my favourite too. For me it's because he feels a lot more dangerous than the others - not just physically but personality-wise.

(It used to rank Dalton, Brosnan, Connery, Moore, Lazenby. It's now more like Dalton, Craig&Brosnan=, Connery, Moore, Lazenby. A lot of my fondness for Craig is personal preference, though, as I know his Bond doesn't really fit the canon of movie!Bond very well and, to my shame, I've never managed to finish a Bond novel.)
My problem with Daniel Craig was all physical - I didn't think he looked the part, but he pulled off 'bastard with a vulnerable core' very well.

And yes, 'dangerous' is a good word for Tim. Dangerous Dalton!

wash yore mouth out

wish Dalton had had a longer whack


Re: wash yore mouth out

Fnarr!! I thought about changing that particular stream-of-consciousness phrase, and then...I thought not.
Connery, because when my mum was a vet she tended to his mum's dog. This is an unchallengable case for Connery's superiority as Bond, and I expect you all to bow down and accept it.
I may not accept it but I am highly impressed! (What sort of dog was it?)
Sadly, that information is highly classified. (i.e. I don't know, although I could ask!)
Ah, an answer by someone who actually knows what they're talking about. As opposed to my "Well, I like this bloke, don't like that guy" etc. =:P
Someone who knows what they're talking about but is ultimately swayed by the power of phwoar :)
I have a pervasive preference for the enduring wonderfulness of Roger Moore.

This is probably because I grew up watching him in The Saint too.

See, I don't think he was right for the Saint either. Yet I think he's a hugely appealing actor.
ooh, crikey. I've got to choose??

Ummmm. They all had their good parts (fnar), and mostly all fit in very well with their era. Dalton should've had a better script though. I'd have loved to see him do another couple at least.

Craig though has the hard-arsed bastard side of Bond down to a T. Shame about Quantum - it had some good bits but didn't *quite* do it for me.
now though I want to sit in the pub with you lot and go 'ah! but what about...' a lot whilst quaffing drinks. It'd be enormous fun.

What I thought Craig captured very well was the selfish, snobby side of Bond; we hadn't seen enough of that previously, perhaps because it's not very appealing in a movie hero!