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Velma Dinkley


I had a pleasant weekend apart from a disaster on Saturday morning, when I managed to break my glasses while cleaning them. After an initial Sellotape bodge, I paid an emergency visit to the nearest branch of Specsavers.

They not only had my frame in stock, but immediately offered to replace the entire frame for the cost of a replacement part ("it's our policy"). So I paid £35 for a brand-new frame priced at £125.

I was told they would have the lenses swapped over in about half an hour, and I handed over my glasses. The staff looked at my lenses, had a brief confab, and informed me that because I was so short-sighted the lab technician was going to do my glasses straight away, rather than make me blunder around the streets or stare blankly at a wall until they were ready. Thus it was mere minutes later that a new, working frame was placed on my nose and carefully adjusted.

Very, very pleased with this outcome. I moved to Specsavers after a couple of annoying and disappointing experiences in different branches of D&A, and I cannot recommend them highly enough.


Oh, argh! Superglue was tried initially but proved not to be super enough :)
Excellent service.
I will be spreading the word!
Hurrah for good news stories!
The world needs more of 'em!
Now that is worth knowing! I like my local Bewdley optician, but his prices are getting a bit silly now. There's a Specsavers in Kidderminster, so I'll bear your recommendation in mind for next time.
I've had good service both at the Tottenham Court Road branch, which is very big, and now in Dorchester. I think they have a blanket policy of Being Nice.