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Secret Agent Dog

Sign Of The Times

In the lift at work this morning, we were discussing how cold it was, but how mild the winter has been up till now, global warming etc etc - as you do when sharing a lift with people you don't know very well.

One of my fellow-travellers, who had a foreign accent, suddenly observed "The wolves in Norway are mating too early."

After he got out, the other occupant and I turned to each other and shrugged.

"He's in Sales," explained my companion.

I just wonder what countersign he was expecting, and what would have happened had I provided it.


From what I've seen of huskies, they'll have it away at any time, with anything!
I'm almost expecting a raunchy bumper sticker of the form: "Sled dogs do it...." ;-)
Ain't much scope for diversion when you spend your day in the traces and your night chained out in a line!
Have you *seen* my rainbow huskies t-shirt? :D
Haha, yes I have, and I admire it greatly!
"But the sea elephants in Patagonia are mating too late."
"Koalas have bifurcated penises."
"Pasante make CE-approved condoms that glow in the dark."
Damn, talk about l'esprit de l'escalier!
L'esprit de l'ascenseur, n'est-ce pas?
May wee!
I always thought the spy passphrases were "The Water of Swansea Bay is Frozen Over", "Jean has a long moustache", "There is a fire at the insurance agency" or "The violins of autumn wound my heart with a monotonous languor".
> The violins of autumn wound my heart with a monotonous languor

We were only going three floors!
Time to move to sales?
"But the reindeer in Finland travel to the beach"?
Yet many grey lords go sadly to the masterless men... (Sir Terry Pratchett)
Next time!