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Alice Street

Is It Monday Already?

Whew. That was a busy weekend.

It kicked off on Friday night, when I journeyed to Croydon to help nou and rjw1 launch their weekend of Croydon-based fun by going for a curry. Croydon and I have a rocky relationship which wasn't helped when I got lost twice on the way, but as long as otherwise nice people will insist on living there I can't cut it out of my life entirely.

Saturday was the bike club's 'Strategy Day', where we got together to 'decide on the future of the Group'. At 9:30 on a Saturday morning. In Sutton.

Only a sense of duty dragged me out there (I'm the webmaster, for my sins), but it was OK, and afterwards we were given lunch and went for a ride in the Surrey hills. The morning mostly consisted of writing things on Post-Its and sticking them to the walls. I noticed one demand to 'make website for younger riders and female' so I'll, er, get right on that, shall I?

I rode straight from Box Hill to the South Bank Centre to help several_bees celebrate being granted Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK. There was copious cake and we were all made to take the citizenship test, which I failed.

On Sunday I led three scootering friends on a ride to Burnham-on-Crouch in Essex, reached via a twisty road much-beloved of bikers and known as the Burnham Bends. A foggy start brightened up for lunch, but the temperature didn't climb much above 3° and we all needed our coffee and Full Monty breakfast at the biker-friendly Cabin Dairy tearoom.

When I got back I cleaned out the gerbil and watched Airline: The Story of Pan Am, which is highly acceptable viewing not only for all the aviation and 1960s visual and audio porn (including a brief snatch of Simon & Garfunkel) but because it's narrated by Honor Blackman. Then I went to bed at half past nine.


Croydon and I have a rocky relationship

I find it hard to get close to Croydon wothout getting lost. However, we had an interesting talk (with pictures of lots of old planes) about Croydon Airport at the radio club a week or so back...
Oh, yes, I meant to comment that I would have enjoyed that! I have attempted to visit the airport on the one day a month it's allegedly open, but it wasn't...
Apparently, very occasionally, they still let planes fly in, and one of the folk at the talk had flown in as a passenger in a Tiger Moth on one such (relatively recent) occasion. In its last years as an airport it mostly served as a bas for flying clubs and pleasure flights, and another of the club's members remembered going up in a Fox Moth on one of those pleasure flights.
Anything with Honor Blackman is worth watching. Or listening-to, since her voice is like having your ears flossed with silk.
Yum, yes it is! I feel the same way about Dame Judi Dench.
I'm still stuck on "cleaned out the gerbil"... :)
Cleaned out his cage, you revolting pedant :P