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Monocle Husky

Breakin' Text

I discovered textbroker.co.uk just before Christmas. It's a site where clients can post requests for short blog-style articles, usually containing certain keywords, and authors - that would be me - can commit to writing them. It's free to join, but you'll have to cough up a small writing sample and have it vetted before you're accepted.

It pays pretty well compared to similar sites; articles are typically 300-500 words long and pay 3-5 Euros. For me, it's also good practice in delivering to order and to deadline.

The downside is the dullness of much of the subject matter, which is usually along the lines of How To Choose The Right Soffit For You - though I did recently luck out with a series of motorcycle-related pieces.

It's also blatant keyword-stuffing SEO hijinks, which you might object to on moral grounds (I do a bit), and it won't count towards a portfolio; the copy becomes the property of the client, who may do with it what they will. But I thought some of you lot might be interested too.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a 400-word fashion article to write. You may commence pointing and laughing.


Dude, thanks for linking to this- have signed up; as you say, it's good practice and I am definitely not above getting paid a few Euros for ten minutes of my time. :D
It would also be fun to play how-many-double-entendres-can-I-sneak-in. I thought of trying to include the word 'husky' somewhere in every submission, but I'm not quite cunning enough.

I wish there was a referral bonus!
Good heavens, that counts as paying well? I hope they don't want anything well-researched for that. As an NUJ member, I'm horrified.
There is a tacit implication that you will just plunder Wikipedia; I'm comparing it with Amazon's Mechanical Turk and review sites like Ciao and DooYoo, rather than, say, anything professional.

(For comparison, I'm pleased if I get a-penny-a-word for fiction in a small-press anthology. But I know which I'd rather be writing!)
I got a $15 Amazon.com voucher out of Mechanical Turk a long time ago, but the "wages" on offer there were so sensationally terrible -- even for this sort of work -- that I haven't been back for years. (For example: find ten CEOs' email addresses by scouring every inch of their company websites. Pay: $0.01...)

The review sites are rather better, partly because you have much more freedom to write about what interests you. Dooyoo is the better organised site, and its copy is certainly better proofread, but at the moment Ciao's pay is much better. Not high exactly, but they're paying double for first reviews this month, so £1 per review isn't impossible to achieve.

On the other hand, LeGuide (who own Dooyoo) have just agreed to buy Ciao, so I doubt the latter's relative generosity will continue...
One day I will return to Ciao! Probably when some product has made me so cross I must write about it or burst.
It's well-paid compared with a lot of American sites, as far as I can tell. I read about one not so long ago that paid half a cent per word. I don't know how accurate that was, though, as I shan't be signing up! In any case, most American sites heavily restrict what non-US users can do, ostensibly (and maybe honestly; I don't know) because of American tax regulations.
I wouldn't mind writing an article about soffits, actually. Why? Because I would have a genuine reason for including the word "architrave", which I've always really liked. =:P
'Soffit' is my current favourite word. It is the 'widget' of tomorrow, I'm telling you!
I'd never come across the word 'soffit' until this post! What does it mean, and where does it come from?
I only came across it recently - it's, er, something to do with eaves, look it up on Wikipedia the way I did!
All is explained! Thank you!
Have you seen http://www.helium.com?

Payments are tiny tiny shares of revenue stream - I have about 70 articles up there, they earn me about 4 cents a day total at the moment. In order to get those cents I have to rate other people's content. But it's good in that you can strike it lucky by finding a topic that people are interested in and make decent cents, and the promise is that as long as the site is there and they don't remove your content it keeps on earning for you. Over five years or possibly more I've had 200 dollars come my way for those 70 articles, none of which are works of art. Have a look - if you do decide to sign up let me know, I think I might be able to get a referral fee still.
Thank you - heard of it but hadn't checked it out. Do chuck me a referral link if you have one! Definitely worth signing up.
Turns out they killed the referral system, so no kickback for me! They do have a fairly high minimum payout of 25 dollars, but if you want to churn out a lot you should be able to hit it. Hope it works out for you.
Thank you!