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I recently received the end-of-year writing tips newsletter from Joanna Barnden, who suggested it was time to review 2011 goals, list achievements and set some goals for the coming year. So:

2011 Writing Achievements

  • Published in South East Biker
  • Submission accepted for ROAR
  • Submission accepted for Heat
  • Commissioned to write a piece for The Independent

2012 Writing Goals

  • Complete a children's book manuscript
  • Complete a picture book in collaboration with an illustrator
  • Complete and release an ebook of short stories
  • Submit at least one story to Commando
  • Submit at least one story to The People's Friend
  • Submit at least one story to a Circlet Press publication
  • Submit to New Fables anthology
  • Submit to Heat anthology
  • Submit to ROAR anthology
  • Submit to FANG anthology
  • Sign up as a mentor with The Ministry of Stories
  • Get an agent

Yes, that's a lot of goals; no, I don't expect to achieve all of them. It's rather a scattergun approach, I admit, and not really geared towards a unified portfolio (children's fiction and erotica, for example, probably shouldn't ever be linked outside this sentence). But the common factor here is things I like to write, and that's important too.
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