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Christmas husky


I suspect it is Bad Form to show one's Christmas presents off, but I'm always nosy about what you lot get.

Every Christmas Eve my mum and I look at the heap of presents we've put under the tree and go "But there's only two of us!" It helps that it's quite a titchy tree, the former property of my late grandma. (The very big parcel is the Slanket® I got my mum.)

The one thing I specifically requested from Father Christmas my mum was a Thundercats Classic Tygra Action Figure. I was not disappointed. It's like Christmas 1986 all over again!

He has '18 points of articulation' and endless amusing poses.

There were squeals of delight when my mum and I simultaneously opened these Christmas tree decorations from my auntie. The Scottie is for callmemadam, the knitted meerkat is mine. Far too adorable to be put away till next year.

I was incredibly pleased with all my presents, which also included Dr Who DVDs (Inferno and the Mannequin Mania box set), a book about Tintin from wardy, a hand-made cat ornament and Buzz Lightyear bubblebath. In fact, apart from a book about motorcycling from Howard, nothing I received would have been out of place or unwelcome as a gift when I was ten. And that's exactly how Christmas should be!


My parents still have some of our original thundercats stuff. We went looking for stuff after i realized i dont have my millenium falcon. its hiding in the shed.
I still have my Sword of Omens!
Excellent presents!
I feel I failed a bit on the giving front this year, but everyone's allowed off years.
Seeing as you asked... :-D

In exactly the same vein, in my stocking there were:
a calculator
a digital money box (OK, this one didn't fit in the stocking)
a wooden penguin and a little glass penguin
three little plastic ducks that change colour in hot water
a letters game
a pictures game
a Space Invader key ring
and each one of them put a big smile on my face! I dearly hope, and am pretty confident, that they were not too expensive.
Oh, lovely! I don't have a stocking any more but my family does do 'tree presents' on Boxing Day which are in the same vein: not too expensive, small and anonymous.
I got a bag of fudge (which I am taking home to Germany), a sweatshirt with a large stylised wolf-head on it, and a silly husky backpack/plush-toy which I was actually rather pleased with.

The best thing, though, was a copy of the original Sveshnikov/Melodiya 1965 recording of Rachmaninov's All-Night Vigil, which I'm saving for some special circumstance with good acoustics.

I make a point of asking for nothing, please every Christmas, so people tend only to get me stuff they're fairly sure I'll want, and they're generally right.
I'm not sure I would dare ask for nothing, but it seems to have paid off in your case! (I have a husky backpack but he's a bit too nice to take out in public, and also doesn't hold much.)
I need to photograph him next to his '80s counterpart.
The local nine-year-old got a radio-controlled boat which, he pointed out, clearly says "Ages 12 and over" on the box. He's been sending it buzzing round the dam at high speed. So far, I think, it's been his parents who've managed to get it stuck up against the island. It lacks a reverse gear, so once there it has to be rescued. So far it hasn't met the dam wall...

The local twelve-year-old has spent the afternoon putting together a Techniks Lego buggy.
Sounds like a good time is being had by all!
Great stuff! I might do one of these as I am slightly smug this year, myself!

I've been AFK for a couple of days but I look forward to catching up!
Awww, Tygra is fab!
I took a couple of photos of mine because a friend made jam and xmas biccies for me, I really must post them.
Festive jam! Yay!
How it should be is right! though it didn't work that way for me this year, i still agree.
I hope your presents were satisfactory, even if not quite childish enough!
My big present was a portable hard drive, which was something that (surprisingly) I'd never had before -- partly because until recently most of them had non-existent Linux support. It had efficiently been purchased months ago, before the Thai floods! Also, apart from things from friends (thank you!) I had:

* The inevitable copy of Wisden
* A Doctor Who DVD (the first series one with the gas mask kids)
* Some amazingly tasty Thorntons no-added-sugar mint chocolate truffles
* A nice AA LED torch set -- I'm forever losing torches!
* Several small-but-useful things like CD marker pens

but I think the most fun was:

* A "metal ink pen" which has no conventional nib, but writes by depositing tiny amounts of metal on the writing surface It therefore works upside down or even underwater!
Ooh, excellent presents! I trust you'll be signing the undersides of dams and things!
OMG, how much do I love musical!Tygra!
Sadly he wasn't allowed to keep the balalaika, as it lives with my mum's Christmas decorations.