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I suspect it is Bad Form to show one's Christmas presents off, but I'm always nosy about what you lot get.

Every Christmas Eve my mum and I look at the heap of presents we've put under the tree and go "But there's only two of us!" It helps that it's quite a titchy tree, the former property of my late grandma. (The very big parcel is the Slanket® I got my mum.)

The one thing I specifically requested from Father Christmas my mum was a Thundercats Classic Tygra Action Figure. I was not disappointed. It's like Christmas 1986 all over again!

He has '18 points of articulation' and endless amusing poses.

There were squeals of delight when my mum and I simultaneously opened these Christmas tree decorations from my auntie. The Scottie is for callmemadam, the knitted meerkat is mine. Far too adorable to be put away till next year.

I was incredibly pleased with all my presents, which also included Dr Who DVDs (Inferno and the Mannequin Mania box set), a book about Tintin from wardy, a hand-made cat ornament and Buzz Lightyear bubblebath. In fact, apart from a book about motorcycling from Howard, nothing I received would have been out of place or unwelcome as a gift when I was ten. And that's exactly how Christmas should be!
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