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Christmas Art

Last night, calgor and I did our traditional Christmas meal. It was my turn to provide the main course, and I did a trio of salmon en croute, salmon mousse and salmon crisps (deep-fried salmon skin). There was also salmon in the sushi Nigel made for the starter. Think how brainy we're going to be after that!

We did presents too. I've been caught rather on the hop by Christmas this year and had nothing more exciting to offer Nigel than a bottle of rum, but he surprised me with this beautiful commission from Vinci, of the Vinci and Arty webcomic:


Soooooooooooo cute!!

*happy Crimbo hugs*
Hello yooooou! I thought of you when I saw it, because of the Snooy T-shirt :)

*festive hugs back*
Aww, thats a very sweet picture, and definitely reminds me of you! =:D

I hope the two of you have a great christmas too, whatever you're doing over it!
I'm scarpering to my mum's today! And thank you for the cards!
I love the Snoopy cameo! :)
Isn't it cute?
Almost unbearably cute! :)
That's a fantastic picture! Lovely details, Snoopy and all. =:)
I am super-pleased!
I love the artwork - the details are just fabulous!
I really like the fur texture on the arms!
Your festive indulgence sounds worryingly fish-rich. Are you sure you're not turning into an Otter?
Huskies doing the Iditarod eat loads of fish. Word.
Ooh, now I'm getting tempted to drop by my regular for their pan-fried salmon - I haven't tried it yet, and I could definitely use more fish in my diet. =:9 (Speaking of which, I still haven't visited the supposedly rather good sushi joint in town yet, either! And it's been positively months since I last indulged therein, though we did do so in quite some style, at a place we used to frequent during lunch hours at a previous gig. I now maintain a sake bento there =:)

That commission really turned out well! Utterly adorable. ^_^
Mmmmmm, bento...
Ooh! *wags* that is lovely!
Hello you! *festive hugs*
That is amazingly cute :D
:) Innit? Merry Christmas!