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Christmas husky

Poor And Mean And Lowly

I've been to a carol service, with mulled wine afterwards. Proper festive!

My Bromley writing buddy - who, like me, is an atheist with a fondness for carols - invited me to her local service. The church was full and had been nicely decorated, though it wasn't really the 'candlelit' event promised in the literature.

Many of the words were different from the versions I sang at primary school; Once In Royal David's City in particular was greatly changed, and I was caught out several times before I learned to look at the words - I was quite literally not singing from the same hymn sheet - while that nice Advent one with the 'Evermore and evermore' chorus must have been a different translation, as I only recognised it when the familiar tune started up on the organ.

I suspect I'm exactly the sort of person you don't want to be next to in church: I sing loudly, and deeper than I really ought to go, while looking fierce and bouncing my left knee. But I do enjoy it.

My friend does proper singing with a choir and was a delight to hear, though she complained that most carols are slightly wrong for a mezzo. I confessed that I didn't actually know what I sang, and she laughed and said "I think you're a tenor." Apparently female ones are in demand! This could be my exciting new career!

In his closing address, the vicar made reference to a video currently popular on YouTube: "I think that this time next year, Fenton will be forgotten, but that other name - Jesus Christ - will still be drawing people together."

We drank our mulled wine, dodged anyone who looked like they might be trying to sign us up for the Alpha Course, and made our escape into the frosty night.


Yay for proper festive carol services! And well done on dodging the Alpha course and freeing yourself from weeks and weeks of extremely dull DVDs.
Yep - the call female tenors contra-altos around here. They are rare and in pretty good demand. I used to be a mezzo, but for the most part, settle down around male countertenor parts because it's easier.
I sing tenor in my choir :-) Tenors in general are scarce, so I feel useful in the section even if I struggle on the very lowest note sometimes. I think I've persuaded the powers that be in choir that I and three other guys are going to sing John Williams Is The Man in next term's concert :-)
Heh. A lot of hymns and carols have suffered from word-updating of late. Some of them needed it. More often, though, the update just substitutes poor doggerel in place of something more poetic...

Which church was it?
Can't remember the name - it's a sort of large barn type church, on Highland Road.
I have a definite soft spot for festive music. Not just carols, but Christmas pop music, too. Some is crap and cheesy, but in many cases songwriters pull out all the stops for Christmas songs. Even the… alternative ones.

I can even play most carols far more competently on keyboards than I can a lot of other stuff.

My best carol service of recent years was at Grasmere in the Lake District. A bunch of people huddled into a cosy village church on a cold winter's evening creates a great atmosphere.
Ooh, yes, that sounds perfect!
i think the alpha course should be renamed, something that sounds so positive to a canine thinker turns up to be such a pile of religion :)