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Point Break

I came home from my first stressful day of a new job (of which more...some time) to find the lid of the gerbil cage open and the one incumbent, Point, nowhere to be seen.

My first, horrible thought was that he'd pegged out, calgor had come in and found him and taken the corpse away to spare my feelings. Luckily Nigel arrived a few minutes later and denied this, which left the less awful but annoying and worrying option of my having left the lid open (I left this morning in a state of considerable stress, on not much sleep) and Point having escaped to parts unknown.

I suspected that if he was to be found at all he wouldn't be too far from his nest, so we carefully removed the junk from the storage area around the cage and were soon rewarded by the sound of scrabbling.

We ran him to earth in an old pillow - really in it, having chewed not only through the case but into the pillow itself to the cosy stuffing. We had to slit the pillow with scissors and remove the fluff before pouring Point back into his cage. He's in there now, doing indignant Predator Alert hind-leg-thumps.

Wretched horrid little fat bastardy wretch!!


I lol'd :D Bless the little devil's non-existant socks!

Also : Yay, Job?

Edited at 2011-12-08 08:19 pm (UTC)
A qualified Yay. I'm very tired!
What.. are you saying they're without socks, at this time of year? Oh, my!
We must knit them some!
Congratulations, but for you furry ze var ist over!
Heh heh heh!
Oh dear! Glad you found him safe and well.
Thanks! Me too!
Sounds as if Point has channelled all the stress of your new job...
He has reminded me what's really important, at least.
*nods with understanding*

I hear you on that, my dear friend.... we both have had pet worries this week.

SO glad he is back safely!

Thanks again.. you know why!

BTW: got your adorable Christmas card today! THANK YOU!


Edited at 2011-12-09 09:22 pm (UTC)
A bit of an up-and-down day, then! Glad Point was retrieved okay, of course.
Add a new item to pre flight check. Wallet, keys, phone, rodent security.
Lock up your gerbils!
Bad little rodenty thing! Glad he turned up safe.
He only does it to annoy, because he knows it teases.
Oh, the joys of small rodenty things! I'm glad you found him safe and sound though.
I was convinced I'd never see him again, but luckily they don't tend to stray far. Capture was easier than usual, too, as he was bundled up in a pillow!
"Wretched horrid little fat bastardy wretch!!"

That's a bit harsh! Surely a firmly-delivered "git!" would suffice?

Providing insult and general negative-interaction solutions since 1982!

Edited at 2011-12-09 01:19 am (UTC)
Oh, there were Words spoken, believe me!
Glad to hear he was okay, hope you have a good weekend, and that the new job works out :)
Thank you on all counts!
I left Johnnie's cage open one day last week, with not even the excuse of a new job. David was alerted by dogs and cat acting madly, and had quite a lot of difficulty in both locating and catching him...tea towel and his mother's old leather driving gloves were used, but no permanent damage seems to have occurred.
It's a horrible shock though, and one is so relieved after.
Yes, I really thought I'd lost him! There must have been lots of interesting places for Johnnie to scuttle off to - glad he was recaptured.