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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

Will The Wolf Survive?

I received a Mysterious Postcard today, postmarked Ethiopia, with some sort of ground squirrel on the front. "Who are Will and Rebecca," I asked myself, turning it over, "and why have they drawn a little pawmark? I don't know any furs called that!"

Then I remembered. Some months ago I made a Kickstarter donation to the Ethiopian Wolf Project, who were seeking funding to go and photograph Ethiopian wolves in the wild to raise awareness of the species. Part of my supporter package was a postcard from Africa.

I've loved Ethiopian wolves since I ran across them while looking for something a little different to play on African Tails, a Lion King MUCK. That's two in my icon right there, and I also have a cuddly one with a super-floofy tail.

Anyway, Will and Rebecca write, by hand, to me, to say they've taken lots of photos and can't wait to share them, especially the ones of cubs. Eeeee!


Yay for Ethiopian Wolves and their curators!

[I have Associations with the odd project involving them, and have been to quite a few talks by Claudio].
Ooh! I would love to attend such a talk.
Assuming my rusty-sieve-like memory works, I will meep you when the next one takes place.

(I am a sort-of roving freelance and peripheral observer to the IUCN Canid Specialists Group - until you've attended a few of their meetings it's impossible to comprehend just how aggressive the various factions get. "Inclusionists" [who think wolves/dogs are essentially just variants of the same species so they should be aggregated] and "Divisionists" [who promote the idea that every regional- colour- or size-morph of a wolf/dog justifies recognition as a separate species] can happily spend several drink-fuelled nights in the bars of various Oxford colleges fundamentally failing-to-agree on *anything* !]
Golly, I had no idea! (About the depth of your involvement or the bitter infighting.) Thanks, that would be fab.
Will definitely let ya know about the next canid-ruckus (and our next open-day).
There is no reason why Kickstarter should not be incredibly shady, but I get the impression that the overwhelming majority of people who put projects up on there are [i]really nice[/i]. Makes a pleasant change!
As well as the wolves, I've supported the_gneech's publishing project. It's nice to be nice!

I bet there are some dodgy customers on there too, mind.
Yay! And Triple YAY for cubs!!