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Billy's No Hero

'Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town' is possibly my least favourite song ever. Every time I hear it I want to shout "She's not leaving you because your legs are bent and paralysed, she's leaving you because you're an ABUSIVE, PARANOID WHINGER!"

Also, I love answer songs.

So I was delighted to learn from this morning's Sounds of the Sixties that there is an answer song from Ruby's point of view, 'Billy, I've Got To Go To Town' by Geraldine Stevens.

Sadly she doesn't lay into him as much as I was hoping, but here you go:



She might also be pissed off at the singer's McCarthyist one-dimensional patriotism.

I'm sure I've heard worse, but am delighted I can't recall any examples right now. Except "Have You Seen Her" by M.C. Hammer. That's my yardstick for appalling songs, but its failings are artistic rather than ideological.
Ooh, yes, that doesn't endear 'Billy' to me either.

There are certainly worse songs, but few that make me so unreasonably cross!
I never liked the song either, and I had to play the damn thing as a radio DJ now and then. It's almost an subliminal anti-war song (if you get your legs blasted off in war, your girlfriend or wife will become a prostitute..) And to make matters worse Kenny Rogers made a truckload of really wretched records.
I see what you mean about the antiwar message, though I bet Mr Rogers didn't see it that way!
I love answer songs! My LJ name is Loretta Lynn's response to Bad Bad Leroy Brown :)
Oh yeah, you linked to that once and I had a listen. It's great!