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Mallory Park

Drive-by plugging

My guest column on the scooter scene at the Milan bike show is now up at the Detroit Scooter Examiner blog!

Here's the intro Ron wrote for me:
My friend Alice Dryden agreed to update us on the world standard Motorcycle show for 2012 bikes (and scooters), the annual EICMA show in Milan. Alice has owned and ridden automatic scooters for more than 13 years. Along with her daily commute to central London and riding for pleasure at weekends, she has enjoyed motorcycling holidays as far afield as France, Germany and Italy. She lives in south-east England with a Vespa GT200, a Gilera GP800 and a fat gerbil named Point. You may also know her as "Huskyteer" on the Modern Vespa forum, and she is a recognized contributor to European motorcycling magazines.


"[...] a male model perched on the saddle (does that mean the scooter is aimed at women?)"

Love it :)
Heh :) Bike shows are one of the few places you still find women in bikinis draped over the merchandise - Honda at least evens things up a little.
That's excellent! Particularly the last bit, I thought: "recognized contributor", no less. =:)
Definitely one for the portfolio!
Good one. ;)