Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Milan: Sunday and Monday

A successful day's travelling: I woke up at 04:49, a minute before the radio alarm went off, and when it did go off it was playing 'Keep Talking' by Pink Floyd. Bus, train and plane journeys went seamlessly, and I met up with Rick of webBikeWorld at the appointed time and place despite Malpensa airport being much bigger than we'd thought.

In our email correspondence leading up to this first face-to-face meeting we'd discovered a mutual love of aircraft, so our first stop was Volandia, an aviation museum attached to Malpensa. We learned a lot about the Italian manufacturer Caproni, gawped at the Bell/Agusta civilian tiltrotor, and saw this grisly reconstruction of a Second World War aircraft discovered in the desert in the 1960s during an Agip oil survey. The body of a crewmember who'd gone off in search of help was found 90km away. Ninety kilometres.

While Rick was staying in the Holiday Inn near the exhibition centre, I had picked a budget almost-hostel in the suburb of Pero. I felt rather lost and alone when I arrived in the rain and was shown to my spartan room, but then I took myself out for dinner and cheered up. (The next day, when things were properly open, it turned out I'd landed in a rather nice little neighbourhood with several excellent shops.)

Monday meant more tourism: a look round the cathedral, a browse around the shops, and lots of gazing at the omnipresent scooters and motorcycles. Here are a couple of workers repairing a mosaic floor in the shopping centre.

This was the evening I had a trifle-flavoured ice cream (zuppa Inglese) from the gelateria down the road from my hotel. They also had a blue ice cream which was labelled as Smurf flavour but, alas, the shop was closed the next night. For dinner I brought a slice of takeaway pizza back to my hotel room from a pizza-and-kebab shop. This was listed on the menu as sausage and patatine, and I was expecting little dice of cooked potato; in fact the guy serving cooked a handful of chips in the deep fat fryer and spread these across the top of my slice. This is called 'pizza Cairo', should you wish to try one for yourself.
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