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Husky Airways

Messing Around In Airports

You Are Driven

You prefer to stay busy whenever given the choice. You think that boredom leads to very bad things.

You take on more than you can handle. You believe that there's nothing worse than idle hands.

You are driven and energetic. You always have your eyes on the prize.

You are also willing to speak out. You are a big believer in standing up for what's right.

I am back from Milan, where I spent two days looking at bikes and talking to bike-type people and pounded the floors of 7 massive exhibition halls. There was also an aviation museum, pizza, and ice cream. Proper report to follow!
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Airport test

I'm independent, apparently.

Re: Airport test

I actually thought my result would suit you better!

Re: Airport test

Yours was the one I expected to get!

Re: Airport test

I must introduce you to Tony's, as and when you're in San Francisco next. ^_^ Serious competition for the dish's adopted homeland! The guy really knows his stuff - and even has a couple entries in Guinness for his dexterity in the craft. =:D

Can we assume there are photos to follow? ^_^

Re: Airport test

Not very good ones, but some!

I do hope there will be a 'next time' I'm in San Francisco.
Tell us about the pizza and the gelati.
Will do!