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Mallory Park

Playing At Journalists

Early on Sunday morning I will be catching an EasyJet flight from Gatwick to Milan for EICMA 2011, the international motorcycle show. I'm going to meet Rick, the editor of webBikeWorld.com for whom I've written numerous reviews of bike kit, and cruise around the show on the two press days. There will also, we hope, be pizza, pasta, cheap booze and an aviation museum.

On my return I have promised an article to South East Biker as well as a guest column for a buddy's blog.

I am greatly looking forward to seeing new bikes, concept bikes, electric bikes and cool Italian gizmos. I also rather hope there will be good freebies.
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Ooh wow...! Then I hope it all goes really well and that you have an amazing time there! Bring back lots and lots of freebies. :D
Thank you! The superstitious part of me doesn't want to mention these things until I'm safely home after a successful mission, but I am very excited...
Have fun! I love Milan.
Thank you! Yes, I loved your Italian posts. (Must remember my phrasebook!)
Have fun. ;)
Thank you - will do!
Travel safely, and enjoy expanding your portfolio yet further still. :-)
Thank you!