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Monocle Husky

Always The Bridesmaid

I scored another Shortlisted Entry in Txtlit.co.uk's monthly 154-word story contest:


One of these months I'll crack the formula! God, it's like buying lottery tickets.


Gosh, I'd quite forgotten about txtlit. I used to enter their competitions - never managed a shortlisting, though!
I've not long found out about them! I have resolved to enter every month for a year, as an exercise in prompted writing.
Good idea!
Didn't think much of the one with the 'serenely cool presence' in it.
And what's with this endless Titanic fixation? I liked the winner, though.
Well, you've promoted me to get my finger out and enter October's, for which thanks!
And in the nick of time! You could enter November's now, too :)