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Plush Huskyteer

Husky Heads Up

Husky hot water bottle covers, available now in Matalan:

They also have cuddly huskies for a fiver, but good luck finding one without a squished face.

Edit: Link! (they've mixed up the pictures for the lion and husky versions)


I want I need I must have. I have to go back to Matalan at some point, to take back some pyjamas that didn't fit my sis, so I'll have to take a look for these!
Good luck! He's a lot smaller than a standard hot water bottle, but should be nice and snuggly...
Oh I would think so. He looks like he would be. :)
Flat Husky looks horridly and preciously unwell...

Must admit, I entirely don't do hot-water-bottles, pyjamas or anything else that retains much sleeptime-heat: even in the coldest of winter-days I'm happy under a 10-Tog "summer"-rated quilt and with a bedroom temperature of around 17°C.
I'm quite a chilly person!

He will be plumper when he's full of lovely hot water - though I may take him to bed in his empty state, until it's cold enough for him to earn his living.
TBH I'd be more inclined to fill him with iced-water to keep me cool!
Ooh, now that could be pleasant...
but good luck finding one without a squished face But they are the ones to buy! I mean i aways buy the saddest looking plushie at the car boot sale as i think if i don't buy him who else will!
There's 'sad face' and then there's 'mentally handicapped face'...
Oh, that's nice - he looks like the Littlest Hobo!

Very funny and very scary dog - loves all people and all kinds of dirt. Chews everything that catches your eye. I love and hate the Huskies.