Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Roaring Heat

Two emails which plonked into my inbox within seven days of each other:

I have made my selections for the next volume of ROAR, and I would like to use your story.

We have finished our review of submissions for Heat #9, and I am pleased to inform you that your story "Bad Timing" has been selected for publication in this issue!

ROAR, from Bad Dog Books, and Heat, from Sofawolf Press, are furry anthologies, by which I mean they contain stories about anthropomorphic animals. Some of these are mythological creatures like werewolves, some are aliens, some are genetically-engineered, and some (like mine) just are, without any tedious exposition. ROAR is for general audiences and is themed (the forthcoming issue's theme is 'Celebrity'), while Heat features adult content.

Actual printed pages, between actual printed covers, with my name on! My furry rather than human name, but still!

Not only will other people be paying for something with my writing in, I will be paid for having written it. This will represent the first time I have ever received a fee for writing fiction - quite a milestone.

Furthermore, in the case of ROAR, I'm being paid to write about dogs flying aeroplanes, which is pretty much my dream gig.
Tags: furry, writing
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