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I'll Be Your Baby Tonight

On Friday night I went to a gig with my mum, in Bournemouth. Such is my glamorous rock-n-roll lifestyle!

Actually, it was a tremendously exciting event to which we'd both been looking forward for ages: Mark Knopfler sharing a bill with Bob Dylan.

Knopfler was on first, looking, in blue jeans and a shirt, like someone's lovely dad. With an excellent band, a selection of at least six guitars and that amazing, unique sound he produces, he did a very enjoyable and quite folky set.

I didn't recognise any of his material until the Dire Straits numbers right at the end (a magnificent 'Brothers in Arms' and an encore of 'So Far Away From Me', which he began "Here I am again in this Bournemouth town..."), but, unusually for me, I didn't mind.

No "Hello, Bournemouth!" from Bob Dylan - he came on very sharp and spry in a big hat and a green-trimmed suit, and launched straight into 'Brand New Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat'.

Such were his clipped vocals and his habit of completely changing his style every time he plays a song, there were many numbers I didn't recognise until the chorus and some I never got at all. Songs that I got after a line or two and whooped at included 'Tangled Up In Blue' and 'Desolation Row'. Both callmemadam and I had wondered whether he'd play 'To Make You Feel My Love', as recently covered by Adele, and to our joy he did.

We didn't think much of his band, who were too loud (which probably wasn't their fault) and made all the intros except 'Ballad of a Thin Man' sound the same (which probably was).

I was going to write of my disappointment that Dylan and Knopfler didn't perform together, but apparently Mark sneaked onstage to accompany one of Bob's songs and neither of us noticed! I'd have liked to see them standing together belting out 'Slow Train Coming' as the finale, though.
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