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Something So Right

You're The One

Happy 70th, Paul Simon!

Thanks for being my bridge over troubled water and my ace in the hole.

You can call me Al anytime.


How terribly strange to be seventy.
I know!! Ha.
He is reportedly planning a 25th anniversary of Graceland tour next year, with Ladysmith Black Mombazo et al. Can't wait!
Oh wow!
Heard that!

It's truly great to have shared the earth with Paul's music.

[I still automatically think of dogs when listening to 'The Boxer']
'Mother and Child Reunion' was written after the death of his dog...
Ah, but is he still crazy after all these years?
I'm sure he's finding it terribly strange to be 70.
He's 70? O_o Wow, he certainly didn't look it on a photo I saw not too long ago. :D
He was full of energy when I saw him on tour, too!
Blimey, I wish I had that amount of energy now, let alone if I reach 70! :)