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You Really Do Look Better With That Moustache

After a hit-and-miss few weeks, I loved the Doctor Who finale. So much spectacle at the beginning, a crypt full of moving, rat-eating skulls (which, not too many years ago, would have had me behind the sofa and subsequently experiencing nightmares), and good use of the spaceship-inna-robot from the otherwise fairly pointless Let's Kill Hitler.

What got me, though, was the Doctor's attempt to contact the Brigadier in his hour of need, and the awful news that he had passed away. I cried, and I don't think I have ever cried at Who before (except perhaps for the dead cat in Survival when I was twelve).

And we had an entire alternate-universe army, all wearing eyepatches - to me, this was another, less obvious but more awesome tribute to the late and much-missed Nicholas Courtney.

Um, and at some point I guess River Song got married, but I didn't really notice.


I did appreciate the Courtney tribute and the all-history-at-once London but the episode seemed a bit heavy on the self-referential side (send fan mail to save the Doctor? Really?) and a bit light on cohesion. I loved the Pandorica story enough to forgive its holes (one or two of which may yet turn out not to be holes after all, of course) and it had a couple of twists I didn't see coming - this time that didn't happen.
I do like the promise of less high-profile universe-shattering stories for a while though.
I found it less thrown-together than previous finales (though only slightly!), and I don't mind the self-referential stuff; there's a fine line between flattering me and annoying me, and they pitched it just right.
I was quite surprised by that touch - richly deserved, naturally.

A very good finale, overall, capping one of the best seasons yet. Previously, I'd sometimes felt things were slipping into Invader of the Week (just why did the Sontarans want Earth in particular, rather than some uninhabited planet, perhaps even avoiding the need for all the terraforming?), where this season leant rather more toward intrigue, adventure, and downright spookiness.

Doctor Who was, after all, always meant to be able to send kids scurrying behind the sofa. =:)

Just rather a pity that we've now probably only got the Christmas Special to look forward to before the next season begins late in 2012, or so I'm given to understand, rather than its latterly traditional Easter start. (And no more MLP:FiM until the 15th!)
Now begins my autumn/winter campaign of avoiding all spoilers for the Christmas special! (I have already failed on the guest star spoiler front, mind.)
River Snog more like, etc etc etc
River Snog! Why did I not think of this?
In other (related) news: Have you seen this?
Oooooooh, pretty!
I hoped you'd approve of the phone call scene! I liked the episode, I think, though some of it was so weird that it may take a few more days to be sure. I hope it also sets the next series up for being a little less "universe-spanning blockbuster" as I generally prefer the smaller-scale Doctor Who stories.
Yes - we've seen the scariest episodes can take place entirely inside a hotel. Or a wardrobe.

I'm sure a lot of the episode passed me by and I should have a rewatch.
I was off sick yesterday and managed to catch up on the whole of the last half of this series via iPlayer.

Honestly the finale was good, fun, if a bit manic. It did at least tie up most of the events of the first half quite well. The ending was a well set up (if a bit too highlighted) surprise.

Most of the individual episodes where ok, however with the exception of "Let's kill Hitler" and "closing time" most most seemed to rely on the trope of a pocket dimension or reality as a plot point. Once in a while is fine but the same trope at least 3 or 4 times in a row? Did the writing team talk to each other often to make sure they weren't re-using the same ideas?
I sometimes wonder if the 'homages' to classic Who are actually cases of no more sci-fi ideas being left...
It's not that reusing some ideas for a show that is the best part of 40 years old is the problem (it's going to start happening a lot at that point). What is troubling is that a key idea was more or less done twice in a row.

While the "Girl that waited" and the "God complex" where good episodes they did share a lot of things in common, and it wasn't helped that they started in exactly the same way.
Everyone knows eyepatches are cool :P It's not like I'm biased, either.

I thought the episode was good, and I was guessing what the hell was going to happen up until the end - and was slightly worried that Moffat was going to kill off the Doctor, and make the 'Adventures of River Song' at which point I would learn to teleport through rage, and kill him >:-| but luckily that did not come to pass, and instead I was rewarded with a suitably grin worthy ending.

The scene with the Brigadier also bought a tear to my eye, but was sadly lost on my companions (other than Nick).

[QUOTE]I cried, and I don't think I have ever cried at Who before[/QUOTE]

LIES! You and I watched [i]Father's Day[/i] (I think!) and there were tears :P
Curses, caught!

I suspect it was School Reunion, though.
Yes, I found that moment particularly moving too. :)

And yes, now you mention it, I think it probably is a subtle reference to Pertwee's Inferno. Although it was completely lost on me up until now. :)
It could have been entirely unintentional, but I choose to believe what makes me happy :)
Given Moffat's very first episode as director had video footage of ALL the previous doctors, I'd love to think that any references are intentional...!
OK, I can comment now, having finally watched the finale.

Those skulls were SO creepy! Ick.

I had to get my husband's attention (he'd been distracted by the internet) and replay the call to the Brigadier. ::sniffle:: Though I have cried at Who before - when 9 left, I sobbed. Though I may have been pregnant and hormonal at the time.

I loved ass-kicking, suit-wearing, gun-toting, revenge-taking Amy.
Argh, I replied to this but LJ ate it!

I was quite horrified by Amy, but it was great TV and I was impressed that they did it.

And the skulls, brrr! I wish they'd been more than a throwaway gag in the finale.