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Hope's Huskies - Bunty cover


I decided a few months ago that I ought to be entering writing competitions, partly in order to practise writing to a brief and partly to kick me into writing anything at all, since I don't function well without deadlines. Plus, any wins would pad out the dreaded 'relevant information' section of covering letters.

Txtlit seemed a good, low-commitment comp to go for, since it requires a maximum of 154 characters and you enter by mobile phone. I am by nature a concise writer (except when writing LJ posts, apparently), and keen on getting the right word in the right place, so the format suits me very well.

Although there's no fabulous cash prize for any except the top entry, I was gratified to have my very first attempt shortlisted.


VERY well-done, Husky!!!!

Proud of you!

*grins* Aww shucks!
Excellent -- I love your choice of twist!

And while I'm here, thank you for the parcel! Awww. *hugs*
You're welcome! Shiny :)
Well done!
Thank you!
Yours is better than the winner!
I think so too, and I bet it was the only funny entry. Perhaps you have to write something miserable to win?
I do think the twist ending is the way to go with these; I know it's seen as a bit cheap nowadays, but if it's a good one it's my preferred ending for a short story. (And thanks!)
I agree!

I mean, I get what they're saying about the word "Titanic" being a clever way to include a lot of story in just one word, but I don't think the idea is particularly original.
The way it was compressed into the tight format is neat, though. I think the very short character limit is good for both plotting and writing.
Well done! Nice twist.
Thank you!

As soon as I sent the text I thought of several ways I could have made the wording better, even though I'd already spent ages fiddling with it.

and I prefer yours.
So do I, obviously :) Thanks!

Nice one! I'm still working out "Christmas in Sweden" by the way - I've not forgotten!


It has to be done! I look forward to it.
As Saturdays and Sundays at work are very quiet, I read a huge amount of old Thunderbolt Black posts over the weekend and stumbled across a short conversation between Lars and Wardy that I think, with a bit of "recycling" would fit into the story quite well.

Oh and one other thing - does Lisse speak better English than Lars or is hers just as unintentionally hilarious as her brother's?

Good question! Better, I reckon - she's (whisper it) smarter than Lars, and mixes with all nationalities doing her conservation projects.
Hello from the future ooooOOOOOOoooo!

Ahem, yeah i was wondering if you'd had problems with txtlit, it looks like they haven't updated the site but the competitions are still running?
No problem here - it looks all updated to me, with October's results and December's theme.