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Dr Who Is Becoming Fanfic Of Itself

So, recent Doctor Who: I was frankly bored by last week's episode, which had a lot of running about and no real peril, but I loved both yesterday's The God Complex and Night Terrors from a fortnight ago.

Both episodes, to me, had a Sapphire & Steel-y vibe: unexplained, frightening occurrences in familiar locations, everyday objects imbued with terror, ordinary-looking buildings which are not what they seem, eerie nursery rhymes. Personally, I cannot get enough of this sort of low-budget creepitude.

New Who is full of references to older stories. I am starting to wonder how many of these are deliberate and how many are simply the result of all possible plots being used.

In last night's instalment we had the Nimon, or its close relation, which was explicitly pointed out. However, there was also the Doctor having to break his Companion's faith in him: see the Seventh Doctor and Ace in The Curse of Fenric (in my opinion Fenric does it better, but it's a favourite of mine so I may be biased), and a monster from the past turning out to be a representation of a Companion's fear rather than the real thing (Amy and the Weeping Angel/Jo and the Drashig from Frontier In Space).

I guess what I really like is what I perceive as a return to the values of classic Dr Who: making it about adventures, discovery and morality, rather than predominantly about Companions' relationships with each other, the Doctor, and their friends and family pre- and post-spells in the TARDIS.

It's not that I'm not interested in that aspect of the Whoniverse. Most fans are; that's why there's so much fanfic about it. It's just I feel it is better handled by the fanfic writers - who have, after all, been practising for several decades - leaving the source material to do what it does best, i.e. bring cool monsters to our screens.



I was sad about Rita. Loved her.
Me too! She'd have been a good Companion.

I'm tickled by the idea of the Doctor heading off into time and space with David Walliams' cowardly ratman as his sidekick...
TBH I've not been impressed with any Dr Who since they somehow managed to sidestep the involvement of The Brigadier and the guys at UNIT..
There was some UNIT action early in NuWho, but Torchwood have usurped them rather - alas!
Must admit I've really enjoyed all the last three episodes. Last night's had a little bit of the Douglas Adams about it, too, which never hurts.
Oh, yes! I can just see him coming up with the most-invaded race in the galaxy!